How to Program a Garage Door Remote Control

So you have just had your new garage door installed and you’re wondering how to program the remote control. If this sentence describes you at the moment, you are not alone! Garage door remote controls are confusing for a lot of people and it can feel as if there is simply no easy way to program them. If done correctly, your remote control can be used to program more than just your garage door; it can also be used to activate gate operators, commercial door openers, and external wired-in receivers. Thankfully, we put together a little guide on how to program a garage door remote control, take a look!

Program an Opener or Operator

On a standard garage door opener, the Learn button should be located on the same side the antenna hangs from. In order to get to it, you may have to remove the light lens. The Learn button may also be green, orange, red, or yellow with a small LED right next to it.

  • To get started, press and release the Learn button, and if you have a MyO Control Panel, press the learn button two times.
  • Within 30 seconds, make sure to press and hold the desired button on the remote control for three seconds. Doing this should cause the LED indicator light to turn on, or the operating lights to blink indicating that the programming is complete.
  • Press the remote again to test it out, the operator or opener should activate.

Program an External Wired-in Receiver

In order to program an external wired-in receiver, first locate the receiver and then follow these steps:

  • Remove the receiver’s cover. Depending on the model, the cover may or may not wrap around the receiver, and the faceplate may need to be removed with the use of a flathead screwdriver.
  • Locate the Learn button, which is usually a small radio button with an LED next to it. Once you have found the Learn button, press and release it.
  • Within 30 seconds, press and hold the desired button on the remote control for a total of three seconds. The receiver will click, and this indicates that the programing was performed successfully.

Hopefully, with these steps in mind, you will have no trouble programing your remote control. Should you have any trouble, the best idea is to get in contact with the manufacturer of the remote control and they will likely be able to provide you with all of the assistance you need.


All credit goes to The Garage Door Store