For those who know what they want, our raised panel residential garage doors take performance and design right to the edge. Add depth to your garage door with this design, available in both short and long panel options. The raised panels start with a recessed edge, but the interior surface of each panel is brought slightly forward, adding just a hint of definition to a classic garage door design.  Each of our distinct designs fit flawlessly with either traditional or contemporary styles.

Choose From Short or Long Panel

Select Your Insulation Value

Choose from Nine Solid Colours

Or Woodtones

Select Window Inserts and Glass

"Plain" Short Panel
"Sherwood" Short Panel
"Stockton" Short Panel
"Cascade" Short Panel
"Cathedral" Short Panel
"Sunburst" Short Panel
Plain Long Panel (No Insert)
"Sherwood" Long Panel
"Stockton" Long Panel
"Cascade" Long Panel
"Sunburst" 2 Pc Long Panel
Arched "Stockton" Long Panel

Window Glass

Clear Glass
Obscure Glass
Tinted Glass
Glue Chip Glass
Frosted Glass

Or Select Designer Glazing

"Temple" Short Panel
"Hawthorne" with Platinum Caning
"Hawthorne" with Brass Caning
"Somerset" Brass
"Temple" Long Panel
"Somerset" with Platinum Caning, Long Panel
"Hawthorne" with Platinum Caning
"Somerset" with Brass Caning